Statement 20211201

Due to the corona lock-down measures, we are forced to close our play evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until further notice (at least until December 18).

Scheduled competition matches with a start time before 2.30 pm will continue as usual.

Competition matches scheduled after this time will not take place but will be made up at a later date after consultation with the opponents.

This applies to both Juniors and Seniors.

The board of BCEhv

Statement 20211104

Supplement corona protocol RIVM

From November 6, 2021 until further notice, anyone aged 18 or older who is in a sports hall or sports canteen must be able to show a valid QR-code registration. This applies during the club play evenings but also during the competition matches both away and at home.

This will be checked.

We are open again at our normal times, however with the current corona restrictions. See also our Tab: Corona protocol

On Mondays and Thursdays we play in sports hall TEN (Tennishal Eindhoven Noord)

Address: Vijfkamplaan 10, 5624EB, Eindhoven (North).

It is currently not possible as a potential new member to visit our club evenings directly.

At the moment there is a temporary membership stop for both juniors and seniors.

As a potential new member, it remains possible to apply for a trial play evening. To do this, follow the next procedure.

Registration for a trial evening can be submitted via the Tab on the right side of the site -> Information -> “Application Forms”.

We will send you an invitation as soon as there is room for a pleasant reception.

When using a smartphone, these data are at the end of “highlighted”, unless you choose the desktop site version.


By Menu –> Information –> Application Forms

The board of BCEhv


Welcome to the english part of our website. Some of the pages are available in english and the remainder are available/forwarded to the website in Dutch.

Feel free to contact us for more information

Introduction evenings for juniors as well as adults

Badminton Club Eindhoven challenges every boy/girl aged 6 – 15 and every adult to try out badminton! You thought that badminton is a camping sport or a sport for wimps? Think again and come to one of our introduction evenings to see and experience what a challenging and fair sport it really is!

Badminton is also a sport that you can enjoy on a recreational way right from the start.

Do you feel like trying it? Just for fun without further obligations?

Juniors are welcome:
On Monday from 6:30PM till 8:00PM in sports hall TEN Vijfkamplaan 10  Eindhoven.
On Thursday from 6:30PM till 8:00PM in sports hall TEN Vijfkamplaan 10 Eindhoven.

Adults are welcome:
On Monday from 8:00PM till 10:30PM in sports hall TEN Vijfkamplaan 10 Eindhoven.
On Wednesday from 8:30PM till 11:00PM in sports hall de Genderbeemd Sterkenburg 616 in Eindhoven.

If you have some badminton experience first make an appointment for a trial session by clicking on the Tab Information – “Application forms”

If you have no badminton experience first make an appointment for an introduction lesson by clicking on the Tab Information – “Application forms”

In both cases you can also send an email for an appointment to:  Please mention in that email your badminton experience.